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Hello there,

my name is Michael Abel I'm something like a professional software developer. I work mainly on testing methodologies for embedded soft- and firmware which keeps my wetware constantly busy.

I was hiding in academia for a few years to work on my PhD Thesis. At this time I was first engaged at the Graduate School advanced Manufacturing Engineering (GSaME) at the University of Stuttgart. But my office was located at the Institute for Control Engineering here at the University where I had an parallel engagement.

The time before I've studied Electrical-Engineering and Information-Technology at the University of Stuttgart.

I have lots of fun in producing instead of consuming. Thats why I'm steadily producing nonsense as well as non-nonsense.This may be for example:

In my spare time I do lots of dilettantish tinkering, programming, 3D-Printing, reading, cycling, soldering and Atmel-ing.

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I hope that spammers will never understand the meaning of the German letter ä, ö and ü but I’m sure you do : ) somehow.